I’ll tell you what, there’s never a dull moment here in San Francisco, even when you’re simply walking into work in the morning. I’ve been walking into work here lately because I wrecked my bike a few days ago and since I’ve been moving a little slower, I’ve seemed to notice a lot more stuff that’s been going on around me. It’s sometimes amazing the things that I see during one day of work — here’s a few examples for you to check out:

When I got off the train at the SF CalTrain station I noticed that someone was singing and that it sounded like they were singing opera. Well, there actually was a woman singing and she was indeed singing opera. Well, Ava Maria to be exact. I caught this video of her on my cell phone:

Next I ran into a juggler who was getting paid to entertain people while they parked and walked down the sidewalk in from of a San Francisco museum. This seemed like a pretty sweet gig, what do you think?

Finally I ended up at the HubPages HQ and to top off the day, James (one of our designers), decided to show me that he can put his leg behind his head, which he did very easily. Almost too easily…

There’s something awesome about working here in San Francisco that is really hard to explain, but hopefully these 3 videos helped give you a better look at what it’s like. Also, if you want to see my walking route into work, check out this Google Map that I created. Be sure to check out the various pushpins that I added along the way, too.

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7 replies on “Just Another Day Working At HubPages In San Francisco

  1. I walk home from work many days and always see some very interesting things. Enjoyed your observations of San Franciso and I wish I could have walked across the Gold Gate Bridge when I was up there last.

  2. Paul Shaffer says the coolest room to play is the street, Apparently so, with Ave Maria and jugglers on a street corner among the buskers. Great place to entertain and reach the masses. Thanks for the videos.

  3. Interesting article and interesting route to work. I hope that you get your bike fixed but walking provided you the setting to take videos of the opera singer, the juggler and the amazing feat of your co-worker.

    I am lindagoffigan a hubber, cruising the “About Us” icon of HubPages and decided to read a Hub worker’s blog, as well. I replayed the video of the Opera Singer and was happy to see she got paid.
    Keep Walking 🙂

  4. James, your grandmother could do that same “leg thing” back in the day! BTW, how come you’re doing carnival tricks at work; slow day? 😉

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