Several months ago I started to put together a Hub each week that allowed the HubPages community to have a say in deciding which 5 HubNuggets got sent out in our weekly newsletter. Up until this change the HubNuggets were selected by the HubPages team and no one else really had any say in what HubNuggets were chosen or why they were chosen in the first place.

I decided to mix this up a bit and started doing this differently for a couple of different reasons. The first, main reason was that thanks to the Poll Capsule that Fawntia put together, we had a great way to keep track of votes and the opinions of the community. A second reason was that I wanted to change up how the HubNuggets were selected so that more members of the HubPages community had the chance to discover and read a Hub that’s written by one of our latest and greatest Hubbers.

For over 7 months now these HubNuggets have been posted up, discovered and voted on by the Hubbing community and we even have put together a HubNuggets team that consists of funride, Shirley Anderson and ProCW. These 3 awesome Hubbers help keep the HubNuggets fresh each week and they have a lot of fun coming up with and choosing the 10 HubNugget wannabes and spreading their love all across HubPages. They each put in a lot of time managing their weekly HubNugget duties and really love helping HubPages become the best place to write on the web. Yeah, they pretty much rock.

Even though these HubNuggets sound really great and all, I sometimes wondered whether or not the Hubbers that end up getting selected HubNuggets really care that much about it. Did they even care that they’re getting the chance to get their writing read by thousands of pepople? Are HubNuggets really that cool? I mean, are they even worth doing each week?

Well, these questions were all answered as a I read through an email that Shirley Anderson had received from the mother of one of the Hubbers whose well-written Hub was chosen as a HubNugget last week. The Hubber is labecker515 and the Hub that she wrote is called She Always Loved Happy Endings. Here’s part of what the email said:

Shirley, I wanted to tell you just how much of a postive impact you have made in my daughter’s life. She is the girl who wrote one of your contest hub’s “She always loved happy endings”

It’s good to know that the HubNuggets are more than just a fun thing to vote on each week, they’re also a really great way for new Hubbers to get plugged into the HubPages community by doing what we all love most — writing high-quality content.

If you want to check out this week’s HubNuggets, be sure to place your vote over in this Hub when you get a chance.

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