Today on CalTrain I met another interesting person who I had a great conversation with on the ride up to San Francisco. Her name is Ann Crady and she is the Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience over at Johnson & Johnson’s super popular website It’s a place where any mother (or expecting mother) can go for expert advice and information on all things that have to do with being a mom. BabyCenter also has a social side to it, which means that if you’re making the journey into motherhood, there are plenty of other women who are right there with you to give you some valuable help along the way. I mean, everyone can use some help now and then, right?

This social side of BabyCenter (which was called Maya’s Mom) was actually created by Ann and was aquired by Johnson & Johnson back in August of 2007. Ann is now part of the management team over at BabyCenter and she really seemed excited and passionate about what she’s doing.

Hopefully Ann and I can meet up soon so that I can learn more about BabyCenter and come up with some ways for us to do some amazing work togther. But, until then, you should definitely go check them out and see all of the cool things that they’re doing. Oh, and if you happen to run into Ann over there, tell her that I said hello. 🙂

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