This entire past week I was lucky enough to go experience one of the best technology events that the world has to offer — the South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin, TX. For 6 days some of of the most well-known names in the technology, mobile and web space all descended upon Texas as a way to learn, to socialize and to get refreshed on all of the latest and greatest things to hit the tech scene.

My overall goal was to spread the word about the awesome things we’re doing at HubPages, get to know some of the people who are doing other awesome things on the web and to soak up as much stuff as I could while I was in town. There were some great panels that focused on nearly every subject you could imagine and with over 5,000+ attendees, there were A LOT of people to meet.

So, now I’m back in good ol’ San Francisco ready to get back to work on doing what we do best — making HubPages the best place for you to write content online. I’ll post more details about SXSWi here soon once I get caught up around here and I’m planning to write a Hub about the experience, too.

Also, I wanted to mention that we have a HubMob topic this week that’s all about mobile phones, so be sure to join up and become a HubMobster if you think you have a great Hub to add into the mix!

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