One of my favorite reports that I look at each day is called ‘User Traffic Trends’ that shows me the type of traffic that Hubbers are currently getting as compared to the traffic that they were getting last week. It ranks the Hubbers according to the percentage of increase from the prior week and it’s a great way to find some interesting Hubs that have seen a boost in the amount of eyeballs that they’re getting every day.

Well, today when I was looking at the report I noticed that a Hubber named Paulie was up near the top thanks to a Hub that she published back in 2007 titled: The Duggar Family America’s Creepist Family?. I found this recent traffic spike fairly interesting for a few different reasons:

  1. The Hub was written nearly a year and a half ago and it’s just now seeing some significant traffic. This shows that part of being a Hubber is being patient with the Hubs that you write. Also, after doing a little bit of research it looks like the recent spike could be due to new episodes of their show on the Discovery Channel that are getting ready to kick off.
  2. The Hub is an entertainment-based Hub, which is normally a very hard topic area to get traffic from due to the fact that there is more written on the web about entertainment than pretty much anything else. It also shows that getting a Hub written early about something that might not be super popular yet isn’t a bad idea either.
  3. The traffic that the Hub is getting is mainly coming from search (sweet!), which is normally not the case when you see a big traffic spike over the span of a week or so. Usually when something like this happens it’s due to a Hub taking off on a social bookmarking site such as StumbleUpon or Reddit.

To me, it’s always great to see that well-written, entertainment-based Hubs like this can find their place in the search engines and can create some significant traffic. Although a little patience was required for this particular Hubber, her topic choice and content are now seeing the rewards of writing on HubPages.

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One thought on “Proof That Getting Entertainment Traffic Is Possible With HubPages

  1. Hi, I’m Paulie. Interesting comments. I practically forgot about the Hub until a few months ago when I viewed it again and noticed that it seemed to be getting a steady stream of traffic which has increased lately. I think it is in addition to what you’ve stated, a combination of factors, including write about it and they will come, people feel okay about posting a comment when they see others have, people will post because they agree or disagree with other comments but mostly (I think) because the Duggars espouse Christian (religious) values and religion (like politics) is always a hot topic. Happy Hubbing!

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