Today I was surfing around HubPages and found a hilarious Hub that’s titled 10 Ways To Become Extremely Unpopular On One of our more outspoken and interesting Hubbers, rockinjoe, wrote this entertaining piece of HubPages mastery based upon his 2+ year experience that he’s had here.

I’ve got two years behind me as a writer/reader at, so I believe that gives me sufficient credibility to write about this topic. Based on my tenure with Hubpages, I’ve taken note of various methods others use to piss off Hubbers and the community.

Definitely worth a read if you have a couple of minutes to burn.

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2 replies on “How To Become Extremely Unpopular On HubPages

  1. Ryan,
    I’m truly honored to be mentioned on the Hubpages Blog. I’m also shocked, as there are so many deserving writers on Hubpages. Thanks a million. I’ll going to tell everybody!

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