Ryan Hupfer recently announced that HubPages reached its 200,000th hub on October 30th.  At the time that I am writing this, HubPages has over 208,000 published hubs.  At HubPages, we are very excited about these numbers but if you do the math, this also represents a very interesting opportunity for hub authors.

According to Quantcast, HubPages gets over 8 million unique visitors each month.   That’s a ratio of 8 million/200,000 = a ratio of 40 viewers per hub.  That’s an incredible ratio for a newbie author who is trying to attract a following or even for an established writer who is seeking to showcase his or her work.

Let’s compare this ratio to other popular sites.  If we take a look at Blogger.Com, Quantcast estimates that Blogspot.com gets 43.4 million unique visitors each month.  Well, in 2005, according to the Blog Herald, Blogger had over 14 million blogs.  So, assuming that Blogger has more blogs now, the Blogger ratio is is less than 43.4/14 = 3.1.   WordPress gets 117.7 million unique visitors each month and its has more than 4.7 million blogs so that’s a ratio of 117.7/4.7 = about 25.  Squidoo.com has 8.5 million unique visitors each month and has over 700,000 lenses so that’s 8.5/.7 = about 12.2 visitors per lens.

This ratio is not a guarantee of traffic to your hub.  Still, I think that it is very interesting to think about.  Will this ratio of 40 visitors per hub last?   We at HubPages like to believe that our policies discouraging spam and encouraging high quality content are the reasons behind this ratio.  Time will tell.

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