I have been seeing some major buzz about the 2008 Mashable Open Web Awards that is now calling for nominations. I’m not usually a huge fan of these types of competitions and awards, but I love the Mashable blog and it would generate some great chatter for HubPages if we would be picked as a finalist in our category(and especially if we won!).

Speaking of category, I wasn’t exactly sure what category to put us under since there’s really nothing listed that would cover revenue-sharing, publishing or anything even remotely similar. So, I decided to nominate us under Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks, which I guess will work.

If you get a chance, please fill out the nomination form below and let Mashable know that you’d like to see HubPages added to the ballot. Thanks for helping us out and I’ll keep you all updated on everything as the awards process moves along. The call for nominations stops on Nov. 16 and we should know if we’re nominated sometime early next week.

http://mashable.polldaddy.com/widget/?f=f&c=26&cn=HubPages.com Mashable Open Web Awards

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26 replies on “Nominate HubPages for Mashable’s Open Web Awards (please)

  1. I love HubPages. It provides me with a creative space to write about anything and everything, lots of interesting reading and a friendly community. A great site all-round!

  2. Hubpages. The place where information, knowledge, criticizism and beautiful writings all come together in one home.

  3. I have met so many wonderful people on HubPages. There are other really wonderful writers’ sites, but none as welcoming as HubPages.

    At a time when I really needed to connect with friendly souls who love to write, I found this wonderful site. How much fun and great people have I met since then!

  4. These are some amazing comments – thanks for all of your very, very kind words and I’m glad that all of you have had such a great experience at HubPages. Keep up the awesome Hubbing and thanks SO much for the votes!

  5. I do not only like Hubpages, I treasure it! I am not kidding, sometimes, when I do my gratitude list, I include Hubpages in my list.! The reason for this is that one gets to meet so many writers who write well, are from various parts of the world, and support one another. On top of that the Hubpages management is hands on, communicates with the users and cares what we think or need. You guys deserve all the success you can get!

  6. I have been publishing online for over a year now and I wanted to take a moment to share with you that the information I’ve retrieved through the HubPage community has been priceless in helping me to advance my online marketing skills.

    There’s always someone sharing something here that I’d yet to even discover! So I am extremely grateful to the HubPage platform for this service and for allowing such a diverse community to come together and to grow through each other’s experiences.

    I don’t think that I could have come this far without so quickly without the help and support from others as many of the most valuable tips have come to me through this online marketplace.

  7. I love hubpages… it gives me a place to let it all out. Although I haven’t let it out very much yet I will be.

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