Each day there are tons of different topics that come through HubPages from our awesome community of Hubbers. But, when I saw a Hubber named rethansmith(aka Ethan) for some reason he seemed to stick out a little bit more than most.

You see, at the ripe-old age of 19, Ethan is one of our younger Hubbers and he’s currently a sophomore in college where he’s majoring in Business Administration. Seeing as college students are being hit with larger and larger tuition fees with each new school year, there is a growing demand for ways for these students, as well as their parents, can make some additional money and manage the debt that 4 years of college brings along with it. Ethan noticed this trend quickly and decided to do something about it by sharing all of his knowledge and experience on HubPages.

Ethan has been really nailing this college niche and with just 9 Hubs written has already seen some great success with these types of topics. Whether he’s writing about 10 Ways To Control College Debt or different jobs available for college students, Ethan is using his first-hand knowledge and experiences to help educate others on all kinds of topics that are important to others that are in his same situation.

Also, HubPages isn’t the only place that Ethan writes. He manages a blog that he created around these college-related topics as well called mycollegedebt.org and he even gave HubPages a great shout-out with his latest post where he explains in detail the 3 ways that HubPages has been extremely valuable to him. Without spoiling everything, his 3 ways are Promotion and Marketing, Making Money and Interaction and Content.

Honestly, I don’t think that I could have said it any better myself, Ethan.

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