This might sound kind of sad, but the first thing that I do each morning when I wake up bright and early at 6:15am is check my email on my BlackBerry. Yeah, it’s slightly overboard, but my BlackBerry is right there next to me and since it doubles as my alarm and I have to look at it anyways, it would practically be a waste not to check my email while I was at it. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Anyways, as I half-opened one eye and looked into the shockingly bright screen this morning I noticed that I had a few emails from a few of the Google Alerts that I had set up for HubPages. Google Alerts are emails that get sent to you based upon Google search terms that you would like to know about as they happen. It’s basically the best way to keep up with that the Web is saying about any topic at any moment in real time. Pretty cool.

So one of the emails in particular was sent after a stay-at-home mom and Hubber Moon Daisy posted up an amazing overview of why she enjoys writing on HubPages and being a part of our amazing community of writers. She really nailed some of the great things that HubPages offers writers of all types and here are a few things that really stuck with me after reading what all she had to say:

  • Hub Pages is a writing site where you can produce one-page blogs (hubs) about any subject under the sun
  • Just like a blog you can add as many pictures as you like, as well as links, video clips and advertising; so that the finished page looks rather good, (unlike on other writing sites who completely control the look of the page, and don’t really have very much imagination!)
  • This site allows you to write about all the things that interest you, and because you’re part of the Hubber community, you automatically have an audience for your work. You can become ‘fans’ of other Hubbers, who can also become your fans, and get notified when you’ve published something new.
  • As well as writing to my heart’s content, I also love reading other peoples’ work.

Also, I must say that it was pretty cool to have my History of Mullets Hub listed in her all-time favorite Hubs list. I don’t care who you are, it’s always a good feeling to get recognized for your work.

After reading this blog it also got me thinking about how I really need to begin doing a little research into the world of Mommy Bloggers and figure out the best way for HubPages to fit into their already busy and super-hectic world. More to come on that soon…

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