My big project for September/October was to redesign the Hubpages photo capsule. Here is a screenshot of the old photo capsule editor:

The biggest problem with the old editor was that the tabs were confusing. There was one tab to upload photos from your computer or the web. After a photo was uploaded, it appeared at the bottom of the editor as a thumbnail. To add a caption to a photo or change its size, you had to select the appropriate thumbnail and then navigate to the “Photo Data” tab. To change how the images were displayed (for example, to add borders or create a slideshow), you had to go to yet another tab, the “Display Settings” tab.

My goal was to create a simpler and more intuitive interface. This was the result:

Now you can do all of the things that you could with the old editor, but everything is in one place. You can see the sizes and captions of all your photos in one glance. And best of all: No tabs!

Related to the photo capsule changes is a new feature we added for all the photos in a hub. We created the ability for authors to link to a separate page that shows all of the photos in a hub one at a time. It looks like this:

I began the original work on this project, but Paul Deeds finished it up and made it look a great deal better.

Another thing I worked on that was just released is the profile page redesign for Hubpages authors. The neatest change, I think, is the ability to see an author’s hubs grouped by topic. Here is an example from Patty Inglish, M.S.’s profile:

Hubs by Topic appears for every author who has published at least 15 hubs. The topics are chosen from the tags on an author’s hubs, giving authors yet another reason to choose good, relevant tags.

Another notable addition to the profile page is the ability to search within an author’s hubs, which is something a number of people have asked for.

That pretty much sums up what I have been doing for the last two months. What do you think Paul, Larry, and I should work on next?

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