Today was yet another wonderful day in the beautiful city of San Francisco and as I have done a few times already before, I’d like to continue to post different things, places and people who seem to catch my interest as I do my day-to-day thing here at HubPages Headquarters.

One thing that I love about being in a big city like San Francisco is that if you’re willing to chat it up with complete strangers(which I love to do), you can meet and get to know some truly amazing and interesting people…which brings me to Khevan, the street sax player.

I met Khevan today as I was walking back from grabbing some drinks at the 7-11 that’s a few blocks away and as I walked up to him he was already jammin’ out some sweet-sounding jazz to everyone who was walking down 2nd Street. Of course I had to stop and see what he was up to, which led me to grabbing a quick video of my chat with the slick-dressed street hustler.

Here are a couple things that you can check out after watching the video:

  • He was rocking out some ostrich skin shoes, which I didn’t even know existed
  • He was playing music from a jazz legend named Bobby Timmons
  • I gave him $2 for a tip and he gave me a CD of his jazzy goodness – great deal if you ask me
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