I love working in San Francisco, but one of the first things that I had to get used to when I began commuting from Palo Alto on the train was riding my bike through traffic. It’s pretty amazing how comfortable I’ve become with weaving in and out of cars, buses, trolleys and homeless people while pedaling up and down the infamous hills of San Francisco. Obviously I’m getting pretty used to it considering that I was riding while shooting the video that’s posted below from my cell phone and even though it’s probably not the safest way to travel, it definitely wakes you up in the morning.

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4 replies on “Just another morning ride into the office

  1. Ryan,
    One of the great things about life is hearing that there are still people like you, Ryan. Out there making life and adventure each and every day. What energy you are giving others by sharing what you have written. My novel “Angel Come Home” would have never been completed if I hadn’t struck out and made events happen as you have, Ryan. Just telling one aspect of your life, gives us so much information about who you are.
    Go for it!.
    Stuart Wisong

  2. Hehe, I am a passionatet biker and I know exactly what you mean^^ The point is you are almost totally free with your bike. But be careful!

  3. I just googled my name for fun and I was surprised to read a poem I had written many years ago appear so I made a copy of it. There were also other items like how much I donated to a cause. I’m just amazed at some of the items that are saved on the internet, including one lady named Martha, who undoubtedly spreads rain where ever she goes. She said, “This guy can’t write.” First I am glad she purchased the book because the profits go to the SPCA and Humane Society for orphaned animals. And secondly, I wish I had known that I couldn’t write before I started my book, it would have saved me a lot of embarrassment. But then, I am reminded of the numerous reviews from critics that have applauded the novel and hundreds of letters from all over the world asking me when they can expect a sequel. It’s sad that Martha feels compelled to go around sticking pins in other people’s balloons. She should read the “Daily OM” it will help guide her to enlightenment.
    A big hug for everyone who could use one today.
    Stuart Wisong

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