Today I had the great pleasure of getting interviewed by an Italian social media fanatic /slash/ video blogger /slash/ DJ /slash/ news publisher Robin Good who is the founder of It was a super high-energy and fun interview and one of the first of many video interviews that I’m sure I’ll have for HubPages.

Now even though I’ll sometimes still find myself getting just a liiiittle nervous before going on camera, I actually really enjoy it and I seem to always have a blast with whoever is doing the interviewing. When I lived in Indianapolis, IN(where I’m originally from), I was actually on TV for a local morning news show which even included me doing quite a bit of live broadcasts, so this stuff is nothing too new to me. I just try to have as much fun with it as I can any time that I’m on video, while still making sure that I get the right information out to the people who may potentially watch it.

I actually just got word from Robin that the full interview will be posted around 1:00am tonight San Francisco time and he seems to think that the interview went great, but I guess we’ll all see. He posted a quick wrap-up video from his Qik account that’s posted below. I must admit, the job title of ‘Communicator Evangelist Goddess of Awesomeness Communication Mother‘ that Robin gives me is pretty sweet, although it might be hard to fit onto a business card.

Oh, Robin also wanted me to let you all know that if you need some great music to chill to, check out his DJ skills over here at I’ll be sure to post the full interview tomorrow after Robin gets it all posted and ready to watch.

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