There I was in Las Vegas, just chillin’ in my hotel room when I saw this come up on the TV. Apparently CNN has integrated Twitter as a new way to get some real-time questions on air. The Twitter account that CNN uses is @Issue1cnn and they seem to be using the micro-blogging tool more and more as time goes by.

You can see more thoughts on this Twitter/CNN lovefest over here on Mashable.

Also, it’s probably worth noting that Twitter was very deeply rooted in this past weekend’s Blog World Expo. Many blogs have been mentioning the great application of Twitter at the event, such as the Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid blog who thinks Twitter is the news stream of the future by saying, “These days, I find stuff out fastest on Twitter.”.

Hmmm, where will Twitter end up next? I can still remember back in the day when SXSW was pushing Twitter via plasma screens all around their event. My how our little web app has grown the past couple of years…if I could squeeze Twitter’s cheeks I would.

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